Why You Should Clean Your Muzzleloader


By: Prostaffer Katie Vandiver

During muzzleloader season in Indiana I was sitting on a hill watching 7 doe make their way across a little creek and and get a bite to eat at the edge of a cornfield. I had already tagged my buck for the state, so I was planning on filling the freezer with a doe. I got steady and had the doe I wanted in the crosshairs. I squeezed the trigger, the pin fired, but the gun didn’t go off. Confused in that fraction of a second I moved the gun slightly, then it fired. A complete miss of course. Moral of the story, keep those Breech plugs and firing channels clean, clear of debris, and you’ll have a more successful muzzleloader hunt! CVA Muzzleloaders offers products and tools to make sure your Breech plug, and entire muzzleloader is clean and good to go for your next season.