Which Gun Is Right For Me?


By: Katie Vandiver

My muzzleloader of choice is the CVA Accura MR. I am a small framed woman, so finding a gun to fit me the correct way, and comfortably has been a challenge in an adult size gun. I have shot many youth guns, and there are no issues with them, as I’ve been successful with those as well. When I shouldered the Accura however, I was quite surprised. It felt good and snug. It’s more of a compact and lighter muzzleloader so you can move around the woods more comfortably. The only muzzleloaders I’ve shot have been CVA. I shot my first deer with one. They were larger guns though. I believe I’ve turned into a bit of a gun snob as I’ve grown as a hunter…does your muzzleloader have the Bergara Nitride rust resistant barrel? No, well CVA does. With the advancement of the muzzleloader and easy to work with customer service, I wouldn’t choose another muzzleloader company to use.