New for 2023 is the PARAMOUNT™ PRO V2, our lightest and most versatile PARAMOUNT ever.

About Paramount Pro V2


The ACCURA® X-Treme Series is unequaled by any other break-action muzzleloaders on the market today.

About Accura X-Treme


Paramount Long Range Muzzleloader

About Paramount


The most accurate break-action muzzleloaders ever made.

About Accura

Muzzleloading rifles and pistols

A full-featured muzzleloader at an affordable price.

About Optima


Lightweight and easy to maneuver. A lot of gun, but not a lot of money.

About Wolf V2

The CASCADE XT (X-Treme) is our new “precision-oriented” member of the CASCADE family.

About Cascade XT

The CASCADE is CVA’s first ever bolt-action centerfire rifle

About Cascade

Centerfire rifles and pistols

The new standard in affordable single-shot rifles.

About Scout