WOLF North West Stainless Steel Black Stock with Fiber Optic Sights

The Wolf North West version 416 Stainless Steel 24" Barrel with Black Stock and Fiber Optic Sights

Price: $236.95

SKU: PR2113S

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Our line of “Northwest Guns” offers all of the features that shooters love in our other WOLF break-action models, while meeting the open-breech/ignition requirements of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Our patent-pending NW Ignition System features a modified version of our Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP) – the only breech plug that is completely finger removable even after multiple firings. This NW QRBP has four milled windows around the gripping surface, which renders the ignition “open to the elements” as required by the muzzleloading regulations of these states. It also features an integral nipple designed for use with traditional Musket Cap primers, and the face of the plug is funnel shaped for more reliable ignition with loose propellants. Plus, a firing pin sized specifically for musket caps and a stronger firing pin spring provide fast and reliable ignition of the propellant charge. Note: CVA’s Northwest line of muzzleloading rifles were developed and tested using RWS musket caps. For this reason, we strongly recommend using RWS® musket caps with these guns. (Do not use musket caps designed for reenactment.) The WOLF is our most affordable break-action muzzleloader, but it’s still packed with features that only CVA can offer at its price and this year it’s available with a Nitride treated stainless steel barrel. The 100% ambidextrous stocks are available in either black or Realtree® XtraTM Green. The WOLF also features CVA’s QRBP (Quick-Release Breech Plug) – the only truly tool-free removal breech plug on the market today. Even after 20 or more shots, the QRBP comes out with just a twist of the fingers – try that with any other “speed breech” system. Plus, the break-action breech opens easily with just a touch of the breeching button, which is located in the front of the trigger guard. The WOLF’s compact and quick-pointing barrel is made of either blued carbon steel or stainless steel and is set up with a DuraSight® DEAD-ON one-piece scope mount or DuraSight® fiber optic sights. CVA’s solid aluminum PalmSaver TM ramrod is also standard equipment on all WOLF models.


  • 24" 416 SS Barrel
  • Bullet Guiding Muzzle
  • 100% Ambidextrous Stock
  • QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug
  • Reversible Hammer Spur
  • CrushZone® Recoil Pad
  • Solid Aluminum PalmSaverTM Ramrod
  • DuraSight® Z2 Alloy Fiber Optic Sights
  • Total Weight 6.25 lbs.
  • Length of Pull: 14”
  • Lifetime Warranty
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