Hunter .450 Bushmaster Blued with Black Stocks and Konus 3-9×32

With Blued Barrel, Black Stocks, and Konus 3-9x32

Price: $369.00


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CVA’s HUNTER models are our most basic break-action centerfire rifles and shotguns but are plenty of gun to get the job done for the budget-minded hunter. Whether you’re looking for a child’s first hunting rifle or shotgun or a compact truck, camp or brush gun, the HUNTER is a great choice. HUNTER .450 Bushmaster rifles include a blued steel barrel that’s 25” for improved recoil resistance. Plus, every HUNTER model is perfectly balanced in a 100% ambidextrous composite stock making the gun incredibly quick to aim and shoot. Combo rifles include a Konus 3-9x32 scope and CVA soft case. Note: Extracts loads, does not eject.


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CVA videos

Quick Overview of the CVA Hunter Rifle

The CVA Hunter Break-Action Rifle features a easily maneuverable 20" blued-steel barrel and Black Synthetic Stock which both offer exceptionally long life as well as great accuracy.
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