Cascade Accuracy Guarantee

CVA CASCADE rifles are guaranteed MOA capable. Consumers have 14 days from date of purchase to test fire the gun and verify it to be accurate as advertised. If the purchased gun will not produce MOA groups, the gun should be returned to CVA at the address provided below, along with the receipt dated within 14 days prior to the return date. Once received and processed, CVA will contact the consumer and arrange either a.) replacement of the rifle, or b.) refund of the purchase price.

Accura Accuracy Guarantee

CVA’s Accura rifles are guaranteed to outshoot any muzzleloader that you’ve ever shot – or your money back. How can CVA be so confident in the accuracy of our guns? Well, it’s pretty simple, the Accura comes with genuine Bergara barrels as standard equipment. And while many of the world’s foremost center-fire manufacturers use premium Bergara barrels in their best guns, only CVA has them for muzzleloaders. So, we really don’t expect to get any guns back. In fact, after you shoot your new Accura, you probably won’t part with it for any amount of money.

Offer Details: Purchase any CVA Accura muzzleloader and test fire it for up to two weeks. If you do not agree that it is the most accurate muzzleloader you have ever shot, just ship the cleaned and undamaged gun to us at: CVA Test Fire, 1270 Progress Center Ave. Suite 100, Lawrenceville, GA, 30043, along with the store receipt as proof of purchase. The return package must be postmarked within 15 days of the date of purchase. A full refund of the purchase price will be made within two weeks.

Nitride Barrel Bore Guarantee

Nitride treated barrels are guaranteed for life against rust pitting. If your barrel ever develops permanent bore damage due to corrosion, it will be replaced at no charge.