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Are Bergara barrels more accurate than your factory barrel?

Bergara Barrels are guaranteed to produce superior accuracy to that of any other brand of original factory barrels. Currently, all CVA APEX and ACCURA rifles come standard with a Premium Bergara Barrel. In the unlikely event that your Bergara Barrel does not meet this accuracy standard, Bergara Barrels will repair, replace, or refund your purchase price (access the Accuracy Guarantee from the Homepage).

Are custom length barrels and calibers made for the Apex?

No, the Apex was discontinued at the beginning of 2017 and prior to that no custom barrels were ever designed for the Apex.

Are there any camo stocks and fore ends available for the compact models?

No, none of the compact models were ever designed with camo butt stocks.

Bipod on Muzzleloader

Can I use a bipod on my muzzleloader?

Because of the setup of the front stock, a bipod is not compatible with our muzzleloaders.

Break Action Rifles

Do you have a thumb extension for the cocking hammer for the Kodiak?

Due to the design of the Kodiak’s pivoting breech it is not adaptable to thumb extension for the hammer.

I purchased a new breechplug, why won't my gun cock?

Your gun won’t cock because the new breechplug was not properly installed with the breechplug tool. The breechplug that was originally in the gun was installed in the factory, however you will need to do that with a new gun. Here is the tool to do that with the 209 breechplug: http://bit.ly/1SHgBpi and here is a link to the tool to do that with the Musket cap breechplug: http://bit.ly/1Vlziga


Does it matter what bullet I use?

Every power belt bullet is designed for different shooting situation and or animal that you may be targeting. You may want to check out our Powerbelt webpage link for bullet-to-animal recommendations http://www.powerbeltbullets.com/best-bullet-for-my-gun.php.

Aero tip or hollow point bullet?

We prefer the 295gr hollow point bullet for most types of game that we shoot. It has been the best performing bullet that we have shot as far as accuracy as well as damage to animals. The hollow point is a great bullet on animals under 50-75 yards. I wouldn’t recommend it for 75-100 yard or greater shots.


Do I need to lube my barrel?

Every time the rifle is cleaned it should be lubed with a good quality rust inhibitor such as Barrel Blaster Rust Inhibitor Spray. You can use a petroleum based lube for long term storage and a natural based lube if the rifle in frequent use.

How do I clean the flash hole of my breech plug?

You should clean the flash hole every time you clean your rifle. If you are at the range and you get indications the hole may be clogging you should run a nipple pick at that time as well as the last thing after cleaning the rifle.

Do the Hunter and Scout Eject Loads?


Why would you want to hunt with a muzzleloader?

Hunting with a muzzleloader will extend your season in many states and give you a sense of accomplishment of closing the distance to the game you are targeting. Knowing that you must make your first shot count unlike center fire rifle hunting makes you really pay attention on the shot.

In-Line Muzzleloaders

Can I convert my older CVA inline muzzleloader from #11 cap to 209 primers?

We discontinued and will no longer carry conventional in-line muzzleloaders parts. Most parts have been sold to Deer Creek Products, a service center that is located in Indiana. Deer Creek Products can be reached at 765-525-6181. The only parts currently available for the older style rifles, Apollo, Eclipse, Staghorn, HunterBolt, Magbolt or FireBolt are breech plugs, sights and ramrods. Here is a link to order the bolt action conversion online: http://bit.ly/1nuAB1J Here is a link to order the conventional inline with threaded in bolt handle conversion: http://bit.ly/1Px6RNZ and here is a link to the kit for conventional inlines with the bolt handle held in with the mainspring: http://bit.ly/1Tkhxzh

How do I convert my break action 209 to shoot musket caps?

You can convert your QRBP 209 muzzleloader to shoot musket caps by purchasing a Northwest Breechplug, product number 32366: http://bit.ly/1SfwuBL the tool to install it, product number 32182: http://bit.ly/1Vlziga as well as the NW firing pin assembly, product NW Fire.Kit: http://bit.ly/1Px5hvq


Why is it harder to load after a second shot?

The reason for your second shot being more difficult to load is due to the amount of build up in your barrel from the previous shot still contained inside of your barrel. We recommend running a wet and dry patch between shots or every other shot when hunting.

Do you need the blackhorn plug to shoot all loose powder?

You do not need the blackhorn breech plug for all loose powder, just black horn 209. The reason the blackhorn powder should be shot using the BH breech plug is due to the chemical composition of the BH powder is needs to be closer to the primer.

How often do you swab between each shot and Why?

Because you want to shoot your rifle at the range the same way you shoot it hunting you should swab at least every other shot. Sometimes between each shot depending on the rifle. When hunting you would never start off with a barrel that hasn’t been cleaned and generally you will shoot at an animal and reload for a followup shot. The rifle would cleaned before a third round is fired. when I practice you want the rifle to be set up exactly the same way.


How to change my rear stock?

The buttstock removes by removing the grip cap and then removing the stock bolt holding the buttstock to the receiver. Install the new buttstock by placing it onto the receiver and tightening the stock bolt. Replace the grip cap and transfer the recoil pad to the new buttstock. The recoil pad is removed by removing the two Phillips head screws in the recoil pad, one at the top of the pad and one at the bottom of the pad.

How to install Open sights and should I use fillers screws?

To install open sights remove any sight hole plug filler screws. The front sight should mount with a single screw through the sight into the barrel. The rear sight should have the elevation slide moved forwards or towards the rear to allow access to the screw hole in the center of the base. Tighten the one screw in the middle of the rear base and move the elevation slide to the center of the base. Most people use scope hole fillers screws to keep debris and nasty stuff out of the scope mounting screw holes. Using scope hole plug screws can also prevent corrosion.

How to move the cocking spur?

The cocking spur comes standard on the right side of the rifle. This spur can be removed and installed on the left side of the rifle by following these steps.

1. Make sure the rifle is unloaded

2. The cocking spur has left handed threads, so turn the spur clockwise to loosen the spur

3. Install the spur on the left side counter clockwise to tight


How do I contact CVA?

We can be contacted by calling 770-449-4687 or Emailing us here: http://cva.com/contact.php

How do I return my CVA for repair?

There are two options here:

1. Contact CVA customer service at 770-449-4687 and explain the issue. The CVA representative will take your information as well as a description of the issue and they will email you the correct documentation and instructions to return your rifle to us.

2. Go online to http://www.cva.com/returns.php This will have you fill out the form and a CVA representative will return your email with the correct documentation and instructions to return your rifle to us.

What diameter fiber optic piece is in the front sight?

The 2017 front sights have a 1.5 mm fiber optic piece. Older ones may vary.


Can I leave my rifle loaded between a morning and afternoon hunt?

Due to major temperature and climate changes, the best place to keep a rifle between hunts is indoors and out of the weather. CVA does not recommend storing a loaded rifle indoors, so our advice is to unload the rifle between each hunt.

Can I leave my rifle loaded overnight?

Due to the changing climates from day to day, CVA recommends that the rifle is unloaded and cleaned each day. This does take extra time, but It is better to be safe than sorry.

Can I use smokeless powder in my CVA muzzleloader?

Never use any smokeless powder in any muzzleloader. The only approved propellants to use in CVA muzzleloaders are authentic blackpowder, American Pioneer Powder & Stix, Pyrodex powder & Pyrodex Pellets, Triple Seven powder and Goex Pinnacle powder. The term “Blackpowder” refers to the original formulation, NOT the color of the powder. When granular size is indicated, FFG (2F) is used in most muzzleloading shotguns, large bore rifle, .50 caliber and .45 caliber. From time to time new blackpowder substitutes are introduced. Contact the powder manufacturer or CVA Customer Service for information on these new products.

How can I receive an owner's manual for my CVA rifle, pistol and or Revolver?

Simply click here . This link will bring up a list of warranty manuals. You can download the manual in an Adobe PDF format (requires the adobe acrobat reader).

Sidelock/Older Rifles

Can I buy just the bolster/drum and breech plug for my side lock muzzleloader?

We Discontinued Side lock muzzleloaders both Pistols and Rifles in 2004 due to lack of demand. Most parts have been sold to Deer Creek Products, a service center that is located in Indiana. Deer Creek Products can be reached at 765-525-6181. Mon to Thursday 10am to 4pm ES

Do you still make, carry or repair Side Lock model muzzleloaders like the Hawken/Kentucky/Mountain or Bobcat?

We Discontinued Side lock muzzleloaders both Pistols and Rifles in 2004 due to lack of demand. We will still continue to offer Mainsprings, Sears, Wedges and Bolsters screws thru the year 2010. Most all other parts have been sold to Deer Creek Products, a service center that is located in Indiana. Deer Creek Products can be reached at 765-525-6181.

Do you still sell or repair blackpowder revolvers like the Colt Navy or the Remington Army?

No, all remaining parts for these models were sold to Deer Creek Products. You can contact them at 765-525-6181.


Do I need a Ballistic reticule scope?

Ballistic reticule scopes can help but with practice are necessary. Most of the time to use the internal markings of a ballistical reticle scope specific loads must be used. These loads may no provide the best accuracy in your rifle.

Do you need to have a muzzleloading specific scope?

A scope specifically made for a muzzleloader is not necessary.