Christmas Is in 3+ Months – Purchase a CVA APEX Now


Pronghorn-AntelopeThe CVA APEX, a legacy rifle that can be handed down from generation to generation, is an ideal Christmas present for sons, daughters and grandchildren. Many people consider the 7.5-pound center-fire and the 8-pound muzzleloader APEX the best break-action, multi-barrel, interchangeable rifle on the market today. One of the advantages you have if you purchase a CVA APEX for a Christmas present this year is that every year or two you can give a different barrel to the recipient of the APEX, which means he or she can have an altogether different caliber rifle with which to hunt. An avid hunter wants more than one rifle for more than one type of hunting, and with the APEX, all the hunter has to do is drop one of Bergara barrels on the APEX frame when he or she wants to shoot another caliber. At Christmas every year, you can build the young person’s collection of various calibers they can use to hunt and shoot various game animals.
For the older hunters on your Christmas list who travel to hunt, you can buy them different Bergara barrels that fit the APEX frame. If an individual’s going on a 4-10 day hunt and fills his or her tag in the first few days, then he doesn’t have to sit around camp and not hunt, if he has a second Bergara barrel packed in his gun case. He’ll have many-more options to take other game with a different caliber rifle.
Although Christmas is 3+ months away, this time frame gives you plenty of time to study the many other advantages the CVA APEX offers to you or your family. Also, as you learn more about the APEX and the different calibers of Bergara barrels you can choose for it, you can plan your gift giving for several years in the future. Here’s what several hunters have said about the APEX:
• “The APEX offers excellent craftsmanship all over with a stainless-steel barrel and a receiver that make the gun almost maintenance-free;”
• “The rubberized grip on the APEX works great, even when covered by snow;”
• “The APEX has much-better stock geometry than any pistol-grip rifle.”
One fun way I’ve found to pick out the APEX rifle to start with and to choose the barrels you may want to purchase in the future is to sit down with the individual you’ll be buying the APEX for and say, “I’m thinking about buying one of the CVA APEX rifles to hunt with this hunting CVA Apex Deer Huntingseason. Which caliber of Bergara barrel do you think I should start with, and why? What other barrels do you think I ought to consider in the future for my CVA APEX frame?”
Interchangeable barrels for rifles are one of the hottest items being discussed in the world of hunting today and the APEX offers 15-different ones. Buying the just-right Christmas present will start being talked about by many families probably in the next few weeks. By combining Christmas presents with the versatility, longevity and accuracy the APEX rifle offers the recipient, you’ll give a lasting gift that will bring pleasure afield for many years to come. CVA feels so strongly about the APEX’s accuracy that the company states on its website that the APEX is, “the most-accurate muzzleloader you’ve ever shot or you money back.” Click here for details.
Other APEX features include:
• A lifetime warranty;
• An ambidextrous stock;
• A Quick Release Breech Plug;
• Other accessories;
• An adjustable trigger; and
• A 40-inch overall length in center-fire and a 42-inch length in muzzleloader.

By John E. Phillips, serious muzzleloading hunter for 35 years.


• Do you have a gun that’s been passed down through your family? If so, for how many generations has that gun been used?
• Do you have a son, a daughter, a grandchild, an employer or an employee that you’re considering buying a rifle for or going in with a group to purchase between now and Christmas?