State's Muzzleloading Regulations

Link to your specific hunting regulations by clicking your state below.  As a responsible hunter, verify the current regulations before you go hunting.

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1. Does it matter what bullet I use?
2. Why is it harder to load after a second shot?
3. Aero tip or hollow point bullet?
4. Are Bergara barrels more accurate than your factory barrel?
5. Can I buy just the bolster/drum and breech plug for my side lock muzzleloader?
6. Can I convert my 209 Magnum muzzleloader to fire #11percussion caps?
7. Can I convert my older CVA inline muzzleloader from #11 cap to 209 primers?
8. Can I leave my rifle loaded between a morning and afternoon hunt?
9. Can I leave my rifle loaded overnight?
10. Can I use smokeless powder in my CVA muzzleloader?
11. Do Hunter Education Instructors receive a discount from CVA?
12. Do I need a Ballistic reticule scope?
13. Do I need to lube my barrel?
14. Do you have a thumb extension for the cocking hammer for the Kodiak?
15. Do you need the blackhorn plug to shoot all loose powder?
16. Do you need to have a muzzleloading specific scope?
17. Do you still make, carry or repair Side Lock model muzzleloaders like the Hawken/Kentucky/Mountain or Bobcat?
18. Do you still sell or repair blackpowder revolvers like the Colt Navy or the Remington Army?
19. Does my Elite Stalker take Optima Elite barrels?
20. Does my Optima Pro take Optima Elite barrels?
21. Does my Wolf/Optima/Accura have interchangable barrels?
22. How can I get Parts for my CVA inline muzzleloaders?
23. How can I receive a catalog?
24. How can I receive an owner's manual for my CVA rifle, pistol and or Revolver?
25. How do I adjust the sights on my CVA rifle?
26. How do I clean the flash hole of my breech plug?
27. How do I contact CVA?
28. How do I convert my break action 209 to shoot musket caps?
29. How do I get on your mailing list?
30. How do I get parts for older In-Line/Bolt Action Muzzleloaders?
31. How do I return my CVA for repair?
32. How do I send my muzzleloader in for repair and where should it be sent?
33. How do I tell if I have a Bergara barrel? And how can I purchase a Bergara Barrel?
34. How do I tell if the muzzleloader I own is legal to use in the state that I live?
35. How is the firing pin area cleaned?
36. How is the frame assembly cleaned?
37. How much is shipping charges?
38. How often do I need to clean my muzzleloader?
39. How often do you swab between each shot and Why?
40. How often should I clean my muzzleloader?
41. How often should I swab between shots?
42. How should the breech plug be cleaned?
43. How to change my rear stock?
44. How to clean the barrel?
45. How to get a tight group?
46. How to install Open sights and should I use fillers screws?
47. How to mount a scope?
48. How to move the cocking spur?
49. How to move the cocking spur?
50. How to properly change barrels on the CVA Apex?
51. How to replace the QRBP breech plug?
52. How to sight in your muzzleloader?
53. How to sight in your rifle without a bore scope?
54. I purchased a new breechplug, why won't my gun cock?
55. Is my ram rod really long enough for my rifle?
56. My gun came with a scope mount and I want sights, how do I switch?
57. My gun came with sights and I want a scope mount, how do I switch?
58. My scope won't fit on the factory provided scope mount. What do I do?
59. Should I Bore sight my rifle?
60. What breech plug to use with loose powder?
61. What can I use to prevent rust?
62. What is a recommended load for my Optima Elite centerfire barrel?
63. What is Blowback and how do I prevent it?
64. What is the best projectile for my CVA muzzleloader? Where can I purchase them?
65. What is the best way to store my CVA?
66. What is the recommended cleaning procedure for the Bergara Barrel?
67. What load has been determined to be the best for our muzzleloaders?
68. What powder is best?
69. What scope rings and bases does CVA recommend for my CVA rifle and or muzzleloader?
70. What scope to use?
71. What should I do if I experience accuracy issues?
72. What solvent should I be using?
73. When is a muzzleloader considered unloaded?
74. When should I sight my rifle in?
75. Where can I get ballistics information for muzzleloading rifles?
76. Where can I purchase Durasight scope rings and bases?
77. Where do I find barrels for my Apex or Optima Elite?
78. Why didnt CVA send out the Black horn QRBP with every rifle?
79. Why do my groups get tighter the more I shoot my muzzleloader?
80. Why is my firing pin sticking out?
81. Why is there rust on my barrel?
82. Why should I fire a primer before loading a clean or damp barrel?
83. Why use powder pellets over loose powder?
84. Why would you want to hunt with a muzzleloader?
85. Will my CVA break action muzzleloader accept center fire barrels?

Q: How often should I clean my muzzleloader?


When you are through shooting for the day give the gun a good cleaning. If you are hunting, at the end of the day whether you have fired the gun or not, empty the charge from the gun and clean. Leaving a charge in the barrel overnight may well cost you the shot of a lifetime the following day as moisture and humidity can hamper ignition and alter the point of impact of the bullet.

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